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Get Your Vehicle Detailed at Car Care Extraordinaire


Stop by Car Care Extraordinaire for a thorough, inside-out clean for your car or truck. Whether we're detailing a single vehicle or an entire corporate fleet, we're committed to providing exceptional service on each and every job. Count on us to get your car looking like new once again.


  • We start with a full, high-pressure rinse of the vehicle to remove all loose dirt and grime sitting on the paint surface, rims, and other areas.
  • We then do a thorough hand wash, including safely removing all bugs on front facia, windshield and side view mirrors.
  • Rims are cleaned by hand with tooth brushes to remove all brake dust.
  • Tires and wheel wells are also cleaned.
  • The vehicle is then given a high-pressure rinse and chamois dry.
  • We'll do a full vacuuming of the interior, including the trunk.
  • Windows are cleaned and polished inside and out.
  • Rubber mats are shampooed and rinsed.
  • Door panels, dash and console areas are wiped and cleaned.
  • Door jams are wiped dry (including the trunk).
  • Tires and wheel wells are dressed.

Complete Interior Shampoo and Detail

  • This includes full exterior wash/vacuum/windows service.
  • We will then do a full shampoo of all seats, carpets, mats and upholstery (including head liner) with a specially formulated disinfecting shampoo.
  • All vinyl/leather surfaces also cleaned, conditioned and detailed.
  • We also offer steam cleaning that kills 99.9% of germs and completely disinfects the interior of your vehicle.

Exterior Wax

  • Your vehicle will be given a full pre-rinse and thorough hand wash, including rims, tires and wheel wells.
  • Carnauba wax is then hand applied and removed leaving your vehicle protected from the elements and with an amazing shine.

Buff and Wax

  • Car washes, snow, ice and snowbrushes can scratch a vehicles paint surface over time, no matter how careful you think you have been!
  • We'll fix minor imperfections with a quick, high-speed polish that can remove most fine scratches.
  • We'll then apply a carnauba wax to finish the job and leave your vehicle looking new again.

High-Speed Cut Polishing

  • For paint surfaces with deep scratches, scuffs and blemishes, a three stage high-speed polish designed to remove scratches and oxidation will be applied to bring back that showroom shine.

Engine Shampoo

  • This includes a complete degreasing of the engine compartment, as well as the conditioning of all rubber hoses and plastic engine parts.


  • This service is recommended in conjunction with our Complete Interior Shampoo and Detail service. A protective coating for the fabric will be applied to make spills easier to clean and stains less likely to occur.

Tinting and Clearshield®

  • We offer window tinting, as well as protective film for the front hood and facia.

Windshield Replacement

  • We also replace damaged windshields.
  • Get all your automotive needs done at the same time!

Dents and Minor Paint Repairs

  • We fix dents and repair minor paint chips, scuffs and more.
Take a look at images from our past jobs.
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